Principal Investigator

Dr. Muhammad Saeed

PhD (Organic Chemistry; Tübingen Germany)

Dr Muhammad Saeed was originally trained as a synthetic organic chemist in the laboratory of Prof. Wolfgang Voelter in Germany, but later on spent several years investigating cancer initiation by estrogens and related carcinogens. His current research interests lie at the interface of chemistry and biology, i.e. solving the problems of biology using the tools of chemistry. He was raised in a small town near Kasur, Pakistan and got early education in the same town. He was graduated with Chemistry major from the University of the Punjab, Lahore with distinction. Immediately after MSc he got DAAD Scholarship to accomplish a PhD degree in synthetic organic chemistry from Germany. His free-time leisures are reading, jogging, and solving sudoku puzzles. His personal opinion is that if Dan Brown didn’t write “The Da Vinci Code” , he might not have developed a taste in English literature, other than reading research articles and textbooks. In Urdu literature he likes the works of Wasif Ali Wasif, Ashfaq Ahmad sahib, and Mushtaq Ahmad Yousafi. He enjoys taking time to play badminton and cricket.

PhD Scholars

Farwa Batool

Research focus: Organic synthesis; Antiviral Bioassays, computational modeling

I have always been fascinated by biochemical processes as they underline the basic mechanisms of life and, to me, seem the crux of this universe and all the life in it. This directed my research interests towards bioorganic and medicinal chemistry. Considering the immense utility of organic synthesis, I did a research project on ‘the synthesis and biological evaluation of novel coumarins during my M.Phil from University of The Punjab. During my PhD, I focused on the discovery of anti-viral drugs by targeting viral proteases. I synthesized a library of heterocycles and screened them against dengue virus protease, not only at the level of biochemical assay but also at the level of live virus and cell based PR assays. I was awarded with PhD split-site DAAD scholarship in 2019 which further fueled my passion towards designing inhibitors against viral proteases. I am also intrigued by computational modelling of the designed inhibitors with their target proteins. Apart from research, I do blogging and photography whenever I’m free. BMC is my Alma mater to whom I will be indebted forever. 

Asma Mukthar

Research focus: Organic synthesis; estrogen carcinogenesis, computational modeling

Life sciences attracts me from the very beginning of my scientific educational career. I was raised in the most diverse city of Pakistan; Karachi, from where I completed my entire educational journey. Chemistry, being my interest satisfying domain, has given me an eye to look deepest into the life. I was lucky to be the part of one of the Premier research institute of Pakistan HEJ, ICCBS, where I completed my MPhil studies. I worked on the synthesis and biological activities of different chalcones and indane-1,3-dione derivatives, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Khalid M. Khan in H.E.J Research institute of chemistry. Spirituality and Sufism is the integral part of my personality and I love to satisfy this interest by reading books which includes Forty rules of Love, Me and Rumi, Rumi Bridge to the Soul and The Alchemist. Motivated to attain diversity in the scientific aspect of my personality, I joined LUMS in October 2014, as a Research Assistant with the direction of investigating the role of estrogen metabolism in the initiation and development of breast cancer. In 2017, I was enrolled in Ph.D program at LUMS. Designing and developing novel drugs for cancer treatment, enlighten my future directions to me. Last but not the least I love to travel because it makes me realize how much I haven’t seen and explore the chemistry of nature.

Asma Mukhtar/LUMS

MS Scholars

Abdul Rauf

Research focus: Organic synthesis; COVID-19, computational modeling

I am Abdul Rauf,  and I’ve recently joined the Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry (BMC) group at LUMS as an MS Chemistry research student. My impetus to study chemistry is driven by its prospect of life-long learning and knowing there’s always more to discover. I am passionate for my work and determined to explore realms of chemistry, learn the cutting edge of current knowledge and apply my skills and knowledge in the field of synthetic organic chemistry.   

Apart from chemistry, I love travelling, experiencing different cultures and reading! I am  greatly inspired by Catherine Drennan- Professor of Chemistry at MIT, whose lectures made me fall in love with chemistry, and Ms. Julie Anne Doll, who was a member of my host family when I was in the U.S. for my undergraduate studies; Her humble, kind and loving nature restored and strengthened my faith in humanity! Languages that I speak include Urdu, Punjabi, English and survival German.

Abdul Rauf/LUMS

Hafiz Javed Mansoor

Research focus: HCV, antiviral drugs
This is Hafiz Javed Mansoor. I have done Pharm-D from the University of Lahore in 2015. Then I joined Dr. Muhammad Saeed research group at Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,  Lahore University of Management Science. Here I am involved in various research projects, mainly focused on the antiviral drug discovery and drug response in human. I have screened  various medicinal plants of Pakistan for their potential to inhibit the proliferation of dengue virus. Currently, I am employed at the Hepatitis Clinic, Gastroenterology Department of Mughal Eye Hospital, where I am doing research on Hepatitis C virus infection under the mentorship of Dr. Muhammad Saeed. I have Done MPhil Pharmacology from the University of Lahore. I have published couple of papers on Treatment efficiency and safety of anti-HCV drugs in different age groups and in comorbidity. 

Our Collaborators

Dr. Syed Shahzadul Hussan

Department of Biology, LUMS

Zaheer Qasmi/HEJ
Dr. Syed Zaheer Qasmi

HEJ, University of Karachi

Moazur Rahman/NIBGE
Dr. Moazur Rahman

NIBGE, Faisalabad

Bilal Khan/AJKU
Dr. Bilal A Khan

AJKU, Muzaffarabad

Ehsanullah Mughal/UoG
Dr. Ehsanullah Mughal

University of Gujrat


Hafiza Nosheen Saleem

RA: 2015-2020
Current position: SDSB

Binish Zafar Iqbal

MS: 2019-2020

Dr. Soneela Asghar

PhD Scholar: 2015-2019
Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher

Maham Naeem

MS: 2018-2019