Research Projects

Discovery and development of medicinal compounds

Anti-dengue drugs
Discovering inhibitors against viral proteases is a hot area of research for direct-acting antiviral (DAA) drug discovery. By exploiting the published information on the structure of dengue/HCV/HIV proteases, we perform the computational evaluation of the binding site (catalytic site) environment of the proteases and then collect information on what type of compounds may inhibit the activity of the enzyme. The next step is to synthesize these compounds in our synthetic chemistry lab and accomplish inhibition experiments against viral protease in the presence of the synthesized compounds. We have recently developed an efficient 96-well plate high-throughput antiprotease assay, which can help us to screen a large number of synthetic and natural compounds for antiprotease (antiviral) activity.

Researchers: Hafiza Nosheen Saleem; Farwa Batool