PhD Students

Farwa Batool

My primary research interests lie in bioorganic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. I have always been fascinated by biochemical processes as they underline the basic mechanisms of life and, to me, seem the crux of this universe and all the life in it. Considering the immense utility of organic synthesis, I did a research project on ‘the synthesis and biological evaluation of Novel coumarins’ during my M.Phil from The University of Punjab in 2014. It was a tasking project, but also a very fruitful one which only further fueled my passion for research. Currently, I am working on ‘the discovery and development of anti-flaviviral drugs by targeting virus encoded NS2B/NS3 protease’ under the supervision of Dr.Muhammad Saeed at LUMS. We design small molecule inhibitors (belonging to the class of Benzothiazinones and Benzoisothiazoles), study their computational modeling and binding interactions with protein NS2B/NS3, synthesize them and test them by the in-house developed invivo protease assay. 

Asma Mukhtar
Life sciences attracts me from the very beginning of my scientific educational career. Chemistry, being my interest satisfying domain, has given me an eye to look deepest into the life, and sort out the experienced but unseen scientific casualties, and find the way outs. 
With the life serving passion, during my M.phil studies,  I worked on the synthesis and biological activities of different chalcones and indane-1,3-dione derivatives, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Khalid M. Khan in H.E.J Research institute of chemistry.
Motivated to attain diversity in the scientific aspect of my personality, I joined LUMS in October 2014, as a Research Assistant with the direction of affinity probe development to investigate the role of estrogen metabolism in the initiation and development of breast cancer. Designing and developing novel drugs for cancer treatment, enlighten my future directions to me.
I am also in habit of reading books and traveling to explore the chemistry of nature.
Soneela Asghar

My area of research is metal catalyzed C-H activation/functionalization and its applications in development and discovery of biologically important scaffolds as well as in materials chemistry. First year of my PhD research revolved around Iridium catalyzed C-H activation and Palladium catalyzed cross-couplings. I received Commonwealth PhD split-site award tenable at University of Bristol, UK where my research focus has been earth-abundant metal-catalysis. I aim to develop sustainable and eco-friendly research methodologies in chemistry in Pakistan. In my leisure time I enjoy reading, playing tennis or hanging out with friends.