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“It seems that one can obtain more truths, important to humanity from chemistry than from any other science.”

Sameul Hanehmann

Rabia Muazzam

I did my BS and M.phil from institute of chemistry, University of the Punjab, Lahore. In Mphil my research work was the synthesisand enzyme inhibitoryactivity of Cu cheltaes. Currently, I am persuing my PhD under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Saeed. My PhD research is to explore the potential of nitrogen based ioninc liquids for lignin vaporizationand its tranformation into funtional matrials. I have been recently selected as Asst. Professor by the punjab pubic service commission. Apart from this, I love travelling, thinking and meditation.

I have a strong inclination to be a scientist. I believe that I have the ability and determination to tread on this exciting path.I received my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from  The University of Lahore , Pakistan and have working experience in the field of clinical and  community pharmacy. Soon after completing Pharm. D, I joined the postgraduate program in Pharmaceutical chemistry from the same university and conducted research under supervision of Dr Muhammad Qasim Hayyat in the Medicinal Plants Research Lab and  Dr.Najam Us Sahar Zaidi in  Virology Lab.I attended Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences, NUST, where I did research work on Medicinal plants and their biological activities.Currently, I am doing PhD from UOL with research project from LUMS under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Saeed and  my PhD research is focused on discovery of anti-dengue protease compounds from medicinal plants.This includes extraction, isolation,characterization of bioactive compounds from medicinal plants & Drug design,synthesis, pharmaceutical dosage form design ultimately, applied pharmacotherapeutics.
Key competencies:
1.Drug discovery and development for emerging infectious diseases.
2. Cell culturing, virus propagation, Harvesting of virus, viral inoculation on a cell systems, 3.Hemagglutination assay (HA)   and determination of tissue infective dose (TCID50).
Saleha Daud

My primary research interests lie in bioorganic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. I have always been fascinated by biochemical processes as they underline the basic mechanisms of life and, to me, seem the crux of this universe and all the life in it. Considering the immense utility of organic synthesis, I did a research project on ‘the synthesis and biological evaluation of Novel coumarins’ during my M.Phil from The University of Punjab in 2014. It was a tasking project, but also a very fruitful one which only further fueled my passion for research. Currently, I am working on ‘the discovery and development of anti-flaviviral drugs by targeting virus encoded NS2B/NS3 protease’ under the supervision of Dr.Muhammad Saeed at LUMS. We design small molecule inhibitors (belonging to the class of Benzothiazinones and Benzoisothiazoles), study their computational modeling and binding interactions with protein NS2B/NS3, synthesize them and test them by the in-house developed invivo protease assay.